Russian Plans to Falsify Referendum in Donetsk, Intercepted Conversation
Published 07 May 2014    www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyxUnWVxY5U    466x390px  3.9mb  02:36mm:ss

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Ukrainian ministry of defense managed to intercept conversation between O Barkashov, coordinator from Russia (phone number 79151328336) and local executor in Donetsk D. Boitsov (0994721504).  During the conversation, in very dirty and brutal manner, they talk about the upcoming referendum.  Boitsov says that he is not ready for the referendum and that a major part of Ukrainian special forces is near town.  Boitsov also adds that he is going to call off the referendum.

In response, Barkashov says that Boitsov can't call off the referendum and that it is not necessary to perform it the legit way.  He says that in the end no one will care about it.  All that Boitsov has to do is to write whatever number he finds is suitable.  If he wants, he can say that 99% of people voted for joining Russia [a lot like in Crimea].  You can check the video with full text transcription and translation.

A Further Look at Russian Director of Operations
Alexander Barkashov

Alexander (Oleksandr) Barkashov is the founder and leader of the ultra-nationalist political party and paramilitary organization, Russian National Unity (RNU), which in Russian is the Русское Национальное Единство (PHE in Cyrillic or RNYe in Latin).  More at  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Barkashov

According to a former member of the RNYe counterintelligence section, who later broke with the organization, the barkashovtsy engage in preparing lists of enemies to be arrested and executed when the militants come to power; they collect information on a wide range of individuals; and they seek through dissemination of propaganda to prepare the population at large for the introduction of "iron order."  [...]  The ideology and program of the RNYe are, like those of Hitler and the German National Socialist Party, insane and genocidal.

John B. Dunlop, Alexander Barkashov and the Rise of National Socialism in Russia,

Dunlop, cited above, cites an estimate that Barkashov has some 5,000 to 6,000 followers in Russia, and that Barkashov himself claims 15,000.  A hypothesis that it would be of the highest interest to test is that at Vladimir Putin's behest, Barkashov dedicated to the current invasion of Ukraine as many of his paramilitary followers as found Putin's pay schudule attractive, and that today Barkashov works as one of the commanders of the invasion force.

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Alexander Barkashov

Alexander Barkashov

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