The tracking of Vladimir Putin's sanity that was begun at Vladimir Putin Goes Mad continues below.

Vladimir Putin Has Lost The Capacity To Govern
"Russia Can Reduce
The United States
To Radioactive Ash"

A news report broadcast 16 Mar 2014 in Russian on Russia Today television by Dmitry Kiselyev contains the following astonishing statements.

Earlier, the Americans said that they were stopping preparation for the G8 meeting in Sochi planned for June, implying that as they had nothing to say to Russia they were going to boycott Russia.  But then why does Obama keep telephoning Putin all the time?  And, besides, talking to him for hours on end.  On March 1, for example, the conversation lasted for a whopping 90 minutues!  And Obama called again on March 7, and also in January and in February.

Vladimir Putin says through Dmitry Kiselyev that Obama keeps phoning Putin

And over all this time, Obama's hair was turning grayer and grayer.  [The display in the background comes with the text GRAY HAIR.]  I admit that this could be a coincidence, but, to be objective, he was discovering that the person he was talking to was not easy to manipulate.

Vladimir Putin says through Dmitry Kiselyev that Obama's hair is turning gray

According to public-opinion polls published on Friday, Americans themselves regard Putin as a much stronger leader than Obama, as is shown in these diagrams.

Vladimir Putin says through Dmitry Kiselyev that Americans consider Putin to be a stronger leader than Obama

And, by the way, Russia is the only country in the world that is totally capable of reducing the USA to radioactive ash.  [To the left of the mushroom cloud in the background is the text INTO RADIOACTIVE ASH.]

Vladimir Putin says through Dmitry Kiselyev that Russia can turn the United States into radioactive ash

I don't know if this is a coincidence or not, but Obama called Putin on January 21, and probably again applied some pressure.  And on the very next day, literally January 22, the official press agency of the Russian government publishes an article which clearly explains how our system of guaranteed nuclear retaliation works.  It's called Perimeter.  In the USA it's called Dead Hand.  Actually, I recommend reading it.  The essence of it is that after an enemy nuclear attack, even if all the people in all our command posts fall silent, our indestructible system will automatically launch our strategic missiles from silos and submarines in the right directions.  See for yourselves.  This is a publication on the website of rg.ru of January 22.  Extremely interesting.  The Perimeter system, in search.

Vladimir Putin says through Dmitry Kiselyev that the Perimeter system guarantees Russia's massive nuclear retaliation after absorbing a first strike
The Russian in the ScreenShot above is: Комплекс автоматического управления массированным ответным ядерным ударом "Периметр", which translates as "Complex automatic control of the massive nuclear retaliation which is called "Perimeter".

Since then, Obama started to call Putin even more often, while his hair turned gray even faster.  Coincidence?  In any case, Obama doesn't want a head-on military collision with Russia. 

Barack Obama said by Russia Today to have had his hair turned gray through fear of Russia Click image to play the original broadcast, with English subtitles added.

Now if a Russian television host had merely blurted out that "Russia can reduce the United States to radioactive ash", it could be written off as an insignificant outburst because a broadcaster is naturally inclined to express his views in colorful or dramatic language in an effort to hold the attention of his audience, and occasionally is bound to exceed the bounds of discretion.  And the outburst would be rendered even more insignificant if eventually apologized for and retracted.

The present case, however, comes replete only with signs of high significance.  The statement is not a one-sentence outburst, it is an exposition that has been researched and pondered, and for which supportive photographs and diagrams and videos have been prepared.

And the report was broadcast by Rossiya Segodnya (Russia Today), which is the official Russian government news agency founded by Vladimir Putin on 9 December 2013.

And the report is presented by Dmitry Kiselyev whom Vladimir Putin himself appointed to head Russia Today, and who is described in the Moscow Times as The Kremlin's New Chief Propagandist.  That's Kiselyev below, setting the news aflame as his boss has directed.

Kiselyev inflames Putin rhetoric

And none of the broadcast has been apologized for or retracted.

In other words, what the broadcast informs us of is Vladimir Putin's personal point of view, and in particular is his answer to world condemnation of his invasion of Ukraine and of his sham Crimean referendum and of his attempt at annexation.  Vladimir Putin's answer is, Stop talking to me about international law or I'll nuke you!

And what Vladimir Putin's answer tells us, more importantly, is that the widely-noticed similarity between himself and Hitler is indeed strong, and that the questioning of his sanity is indeed justified.  Vladimir Putin really has entered a realm in which he is unreachable by either law or reason.  Whatever ability he might once have had to weigh consequences has vanished.  He has become a danger to himself, to Russia, and to the world.

It follows, therefore, that it will be only a matter of time before his lieutenants come to realize that the commands of a madman need not be obeyed, and in fact that duty demands that they be disobeyed.  It is only a matter of days or weeks before all those around Vladimir Putin arrive at the conviction that the salvation of Russia requires his removal from office.  Every leader is capable of losing his capacity to govern, and every subordinate has the obligation to recognize that loss of capacity, and to remove that incapacitated leader from power.  The duty of obeying a command is subordinate to the duty to stop an incapacitated commander from issuing invalid commands.

Vladimir Putin in straitjacket
Empire of Evil